Cash Reward Now Paid Upon Felony Arrest

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March 26 2015 | Breaking News

If you submit an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers and it leads to a successful felony arrest or helps solve a felony crime, you will now be paid a cash reward on arrest. In the past, Crimestoppers paid all rewards on the arrest and indictment of the perpetrator of the crime. With a faster turn around on the rewards, Crimestoppers hopes to encourage more callers to send in their anonymous tips and help solve crimes faster. 

The process of calling Crimestoppers is simple. You call 822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP, which puts you in contact with the Crimestoppers command center. An operator will answer the phone and take down the information you wish to provide about a crime. He or she will never ask for your name, number, address, or any other identifying information.

Once you give Crimestoppers the information, you will be assigned a code number, which is the only method Crimestoppers has of identifying you. You must remember this number, and provide it to a Crimestoppers operator when you call back to check on the status of the information you have given. You must call Crimestoppers. We cannot call you, because we never ask for your phone number.

In the meantime, Crimestoppers passes your information on to the appropriate law enforcement agency, which takes action based on your information and reports back to us on whether it led to an arrest or the solving or prevention of a crime. When you call Crimestoppers back and give us your code number, we check with law enforcement to see whether your information was useful. If it was, you receive a cash reward which will be paid through a designated bank drive-up by using the designated tip number. (Exception will be on homicides - where you will be paid 1/2 of the reward on arrest and the remaining 1/2 on indictment of the suspect)

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