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On behalf of the Board and Staff of Crimestoppers, I look forward to "come shoot the breeze as we hang out at Crimestoppers corner".
Darlene Cusanza, President and CEO


"Savannah's Challenge" to New Orleans Youth: Thank Police Officers

April 7, 2015 | Posted in: President's Corner
Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans recently issued a challenge to the private and public schools in the nine parishes it covers to join them in writing thank you letters to local law enforcement to thank them for all they do for the community.  This challenge was issued by Crimestoppers GNO President and CEO, Darlene Cusanza at a press conference covered by all the major local television stations and newspapers.  “We saw a story on the national news about a young girl in Tyler, TX, Savannah Solis, who had sent over 1,000 thank you cards to officers from Texas to New York and was challenging other young people to follow in her footsteps and do the same in their community,” said Cusanza. “ We thought this was such a great idea and decided to join the “challenge” by organizing our own letter writing campaign for area schools to thank police officers.” Our Crimestoppers program has its own Safe School hotline program and speak to many schools, but we do not focus as much on the Elementary schools.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to reach this audience.  Crimestoppers GNO personally contacted school superintendents to ask them to participate in the challenge and within one week, had over seven school districts signing on to take the “challenge”.  The initiative was mentioned at the Crimestoppers Annual Awards Luncheon, with over 800 individuals present.  Of the 800, at least 350 guests were representatives of law enforcement across the nine parish area.  Crimestoppers printed thank you cards for each school that were delivered to for students to write their “thank you” message.   Crimestoppers and law enforcement then plans to pick up the cards and deliver them to the law enforcement office located close to each school who will be asked to post some of the cards for the public and their officers to see. Each participating school will be given a ... » Read More

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